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BuzzRunner Spark 3

Bike Carrier

BuzzRunner Spark 3


The BuzzRunner Spark is simply the best bike carrier in our range and surely the best wheel mounted carrier within its price range on the market to date. With its phenomenal design, build quality, safety and ease of use, this is an outstanding carrier. TUV approved to the ISO standard 15263-4.

  • Adjustable Wheel Holders - Durable plastic holders which adjust to fit any wheelbase, even very small childrens bikes, with strong plastic quick release straps to hold your bike securely in place.
  • Fully lockable - all bike holders have locks and the carrier locks to tow ball.
  • Supplied with 5 function rear lights, fitted with 13 pin plug and suipplied with 13 pin (rack) to 7 pin (car) adapter.
  • Tiltable - Sophisticated, genuinely easy to use tilt mechanism so that the hatch can be opened whilst bikes are mounted.
  • Fitting - Fits to all standard 50mm ISO tow balls with a simple and fast adjustment system.
  • Simple button to allow adjustment of the tightening force.
  • The extending of light holders allows the product to be used on any type of cars.